Sample Report of the Narrative Essay

Student’s Name

Due Date

Mrs. Carswell

Name of Assignment

Title of Report or Essay

Remember to indent the first line of each paragraph. You can indent by pressing the Tab key once. The first paragraph will always be your introduction. The introduction should capture your reader’s attention and explain the topic and purpose. Make sure your reader understands the purpose and reason for what you have written.


If you are required to use headings, they should look like the one above. Headings briefly describe the topic of the next paragraph(s). Your headings should be centered, bold, and capitalized.

Font and Format

Always use Times New Roman or Arial as your font. The font size should always be 12, even for titles and headings. Only use black ink. Also, your paper should be double spaced (except for the heading at the top of the first page). To double space, click on the bottom right corner of the box that says Paragraph. Select Double under Line spacing.

This is an example of a paragraph that is written in single spacing. See how close together the lines are? This makes it difficult for me to edit and grade. Please remember not to use single spacing except for when you are writing your heading at the top of the first page!


If you are using headings, your last heading should be conclusion. Remember, your conclusion restates the purpose of your paper and wraps it up neatly with a box on top. The only thing that should come after your conclusion is your bibliography!