Physical Considerations


An incorrect working posture can cause musculoskeletal dis-orders, affecting the kneck, back, shoulders arms and fingers. If you feel any discomfort when you are working at your workstation, please talk to your health and safety representative or visit your doctor.

Back Problems

Back problems at work are caused by abnormal strains on the spine, which can damage the tissues. These strains can be either sudden or chronic, sudden strains can be caused by lifting heavy objects awkwardly or simply incorrectly(by bending and not lifting from the knees) chronic pain is usually associated with spending long periods of time in a particular position, the office worker or taxi driver for example.


Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is becoming ever more widespread as we spend more and more time at our computers. The pain can become so severe that people are unable to work. RSI has been around for a while, Tennis Elbow for example is an example of overuse syndromes, which is what RSI is.

Carpal Tunnel

Many experts believe that repetitive overuse of the hand tendons causes them to become inflamed. The keyboard, and its use can be responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome>


Headaches are very common in all walks of life, so it is not surprising they occur at work. There may however, be specific environmental reasons why some of us suffer more than most. Here are some possible triggers for your headaches.

Stress, worry and tension

Disputes with co-workers or even some clients!

Continual use of VDU or Computer

Carrying out one particular task for long periods without taking a break

Missing breakfast or lunch

Lack of sleep

Eye Problems

Looking after our eyes is vital, work and our working environments can have a negative impact on our eyesight. Look after your eyes (we cannot see without them 🙂 ) Ensure you have a sight test at least once a year, and more often if you have any of the following symptoms.

Problems seeing or reading

Blurred Vision

Frequent headaches


Pain in the eye ( Slightly different from the pain in the neck who may work in your office)

There are also emotional considerations to take into account when analysing our health and work. Once again the keyword here is awareness, being aware of the emotional side of our health is equally as important as that of the physical elements.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Stock up on fruit on Mondays – Have a weekly supply if you can

Go for a walk at lunchtimes

Don’t just plump for the easy option of fast food

Go for a swim two or three times a week

Keep plants in your office

Hold “Walking Meeting”

De-clutter your work space

Ask for an ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse

Keep a bottle of water handy on your desk/in your work station

If you normally e-mail Jane who sits in the next office – pop along and tell her in person – she’ll love it and you get a little bit of exercise