Equality at Work – Take action to stop inequality

Equality at Work, are you amazed that in the 21st Century we are still encountering problems of this kind?

No matter what form this takes place, or indeed where it takes place, discrimination should not be tolerated.

It would be great to be able to report on a time that discrimination did not exist. Sadly we are not close to that date.

Equality at work, and more appropriately inequality at work will unquestionably affect your work life balance..but what is equality?

in simple terms it is about being treated the same as your co-workers, no matter how you look, what you wear, how old you are, what sex you are or your colour/race.

What is discrimination

In legal terms discrimination occurs when someone is treated worse/less favourably than another person in the same situation.

What you can do about discrimination

Sadly there is not an easy solution, if you are being discriminated against, for whatever reason, it should not be tolerated and above all it is illegal.

Your course of action will depend greatly on what you want to be done, possibilities may include…

  • Getting your job back
  • Compensation
  • An Apology
  • A clear sign that the organisation in question will not discriminate in the same way in future

Whatever outcome you desire, it is usually best to first try and resolve the issue with the organisation direct, the HR department is a good starting point in these cases.

Although to some, especially those who are experiencing discrimination at work, talking may appear to be a trite tired response to these issues, it is nonetheless the best starting point, raise the issue with your line manager, talk over the concerns you have with friends and family, ensure you have sufficient support mechanisms in place.

The other option available to you, if the talking fails to provide sufficient reconciliation, is to take the case to an employment tribunal. If this is the only option left for you, it would be remiss of any individual not to strongly recommend that you seek professional advice before embarking on this course of action.

Share the concerns with a friend or family member!

Don’t try to take on the world alone, share your concerns with friends or family members, and please don’t try to grin and bear it, inequality should not be tolerated and any organisation worth its salt would not allow the discrimination to continue unchallenged.